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Philly's New Favorite Down-Home Dessert

Dre’s Southern Style Ice Cream is an exciting new gourmet product that puts an innovative spin on traditional ice cream in the Philadelphia area. Dre’s Ice Cream is a luxuriously rich and creamy treat that features fancy, down-home flavors with the freshest ingredients made and sold locally that feature delectable bits of real pie crust, cake, brownie, vanilla wafers, fresh bananas and butter pralines with super-infused flavors. Dre’s Southern Style Ice Cream is available in these flavors: Sweet Potato Pie, Butter Pralines, Chocolate Chocolate Chip Brownie, Banana Pudding, Strawberry Shortcake, Mint Chip and soon to be released - Peach Cobbler!

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About Andre Andrews

The brainchild of Andre Andrews, Dre’s Southern Style Ice Cream is an absolute dream come true for the West Philadelphia native who is truly a “Made in America Story”. He turned an opportunity of buying a push cart and selling water ice in local neighborhoods to owning one of the most exciting new ice cream companies in the Delaware Valley.

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